Nannette Oatley Resiliency Expert


Ready to smack adversity around, wrestle it
to the ground, force it to divulge its hidden
pearls, and profit Ginormously?

Pain, Power & Promise has all the tools you’ll need!

For Nannette Oatley, a vibrant 22-year-old gymnast, athlete and Slideshowdancer, a snow-tubing accident left her body paralyzed and her dreams in pieces.  Pain, Power & Promise is her story.  It is an intimately candid portrayal written in conversational prose that reads like a Chicken Soup excerpt, a combination of autobiography, self-help and inspiration but with a no-nonsense “help yourself” attitude.  The author tells her story of joy and struggle, marriage and divorce, single parenthood that began with three pre-schoolers, miraculous new love and her journey back into professional competition as a sit-down person in a stand-up world. She shares her never-give-up attitude toward setting and achieving personal and professional goals and offers her readers 19 ways to build and strengthen their own personal resiliencies. 

By the time readers finish the last page of Pain, Power & Promise, they will understand how paradoxes and universal pain, part of the human condition, can be translated into rewarding personal growth. They will be equipped with tools, strategies and interventions for reframing adversity and strengthening their personal resilience. They will know how to change internal attitudes, transform anxiety, climb out of chaos, find value in suffering, create rituals of well being, enforce boundaries, rise above self-pity and embrace benevolent love to live a stronger, healthier and more robust life. Whether the reader is in the depths of a crucible, treading water, floundering on the shoals, braving the rapids or becalmed, Pain, Power & Promise provides a roadmap for how to turn the tough times around.

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