Nannette Oatley Resiliency Expert


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The bubble of grace that had enveloped most of my life had violently burst, dropping me into a crucible, a place of severe testing that would require me to change. There in my trial by fire, I was compelled to examine the role of suffering for the first time from a personal and subsequent universal perspective. Over many months, I asked myself all the existential questions to find meaning in my suffering, and as I burrowed out of my emotional debris, I inadvertently discovered the antidote. 

It was not a tangible something but an intangible force, the indomitable unstoppable drive of the human spirit that we call resilience! Resilience is the universal antidote to the inevitable adversities of life. Suffering is not going away; it is a fundamental reality of life, and we must learn how to enhance our resiliencies not only to survive our pain but be transformed by it.

If you want to live a more meaningful, robust life, this book can help. If you want to strengthen your interpersonal relationships, this book can help. If you want to improve your self-confidence and fire up your inner Shero, this book will set you ablaze! You’ll learn from my stories that whatever challenges come your way you’ll emerge triumphant. Ready to smack adversity around? Good, let’s get cracking.