Nannette Oatley Resiliency Expert


Table of Contents
Pain, Power and Promise: 19 Ways To a Bolder, Stronger
and More Resilient Life!

A Moment in Time
Pain’s First Hidden Pearl: Accept the Paradoxes Inherent in Life

Pain Is a Language Without Words
Pain’s Second Hidden Pearl: Find Meaning in Our Suffering

There Is Usually Someone Worse Off
Pain’s Third Hidden Pearl: Rise Above Self-Pity

The Winds of Change
Pain’s Fourth Hidden Pearl: Transform Natural Anxiety Into Sacred Anxiety

Stop the Merry-Go-Round—I Want to Get Off!
Pain’s Fifth Hidden Pearl: Allow For a Season of Disruption and Disintegration

A Roadway in the Wilderness
Pain’s Sixth Hidden Pearl: Anticipate Change and Choose Decisively

Our Network of Support
Pain’s Seventh Hidden Pearl: Seek Healthy Connectedness

Is There Nothing New Under the Sun?
Pain’s Eighth Hidden Pearl: Jump-Start Your Initiative!

The Power Tool Black and Decker Doesn’t Make
Pain’s Ninth Hidden Pearl: Command and Control Your State of Mind

Outrageous God Outside the Box
Pain’s Tenth Hidden Pearl: Expect Wonders and Trust in Mysteries

Landmines and Wheelchair Crossings
Pain’s Eleventh Hidden Pearl: Utilize Play, Adaptability and Creativity

Keepers of the Flame
Pain’s Twelvth Hidden Pearl: Fan the Fire and Find Your Inner Shero

The Gateway to Enhanced Relationships
Pain’s Thirteenth Hidden Pearl: Enforce Boundaries for Self-Preservation

A Pill Cannot Heal the Soul
Pain’s Fourteenth Hidden Pearl: Stop! Don’t Medicate Just Because You Can

Go Forth and Slay Dragons
Pain’s Fifteenth Hidden Pearl: Have the Courage to Live Out Loud!

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall
Pain’s Sixteenth Hidden Pearl: Combat Injustice With Righteous Indignation

Unlock the Handcuffs of Hatred
Pain’s Seventeenth Hidden Pearl: Unleash the Healing Power of Forgiveness

Praise is the Larger Prayer
Pain’s Eighteenth Hidden Pearl: Put on Gratitude As a Copious Attitude

From Pain to Power & Promise
Pain’s Nineteenth Hidden Pearl: Pour Forth Your Treasure Unto All the Earth